A different kind of writing blog: Roz Kay

RozHello, and welcome to my blog. It’s mostly conversations with writers: authors, poets, and playwrights. I sometimes include “guest posts” from writers on the publication of their books, and I maintain a page of writing tips.

My debut Middle Grade novel is due out in 2019 from Hayloft Publishing, illustrated by Kelsea Rothaus.

You can follow me on Twitter @_RozKay and on Instagram as _rozkay. I post short book reviews on Goodreads and you can find me here.

I’ve had several literary short stories published under the name Roz DeKett. They appear in the Fish Anthology 2017, the Nottingham Literary Review, and more. I’ve gathered these pre-published stories into a small collection of dark tales, available here.

Thank you for taking a look. And if you like what you read here, please share the link!

About rozdekett

Roz DeKett's debut Middle Grade novel is due in 2019 from Hayloft Publishing. She's had short stories in The Nottingham Review (May 2018); Bedford International Writing Competition 2017 (second place); and Fish Anthology 2017, as well as a short memoir piece in the York Literary Review. She's also had non-fiction in the American children's literary magazine Cricket. Roz is a former journalist with a background in newspapers and BBC radio. She divides her time between Wiltshire and London.
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