Review: The Killer In Me

The Killer In Me (Frankie Sheehan #2) – Olivia Kiernan

killerOlivia Kiernan goes from strength to strength with the second title in her Frankie Sheehan books. Reading the first and second novel back to back, as I did, highlighted the difference in the writing – great the first time, and great this time too but with an added assurance of touch, a finesse, that (as a writer myself) made me whisper, yes. The plot’s as clever as you could wish for and I was second-guessing myself all through – and still taken by surprise.

Frankie leaps off the page, three-dimensional and real, but I particularly enjoyed in this book the filling in of Baz’s character. I love their easy friendship and I hope it stays like that. To find a police procedural series with such fine characterisation, complex plotting, and above all writing that sings, is a real joy. I’ve pre-ordered the third in the series, If Looks Could Kill, and I hope for many, many more. Brava.

Published by Dutton, 2019


About Roz Kay

Roz Kay is a writer and former journalist. Her debut children’s novel, THE KEEPER OF THE STONES, was published in 2020 by Hayloft Publishing. Her debut novel for adults, FAKE, (contemporary fiction) was published in September 2020 by her own imprint, Darley Press. Roz's short fiction has appeared under the name Roz DeKett in Fish Publishing’s 2017 Anthology, The Nottingham Review, The York Literary Review, and the Bedford International Writing Competition’s 2018 Anthology. She has also appeared as Roz Kay in the American children’s literary magazine, Cricket. As a news journalist, Roz worked for The Journal in the North East, the Liverpool Echo, and BBC local and national radio. She is a graduate of the University of Leeds and lives in Wiltshire.
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