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Roz DeKett has short stories published in The Nottingham Review (April/May 2018); Bedford Writing Competition anthology (due in 2018); and Fish Anthology 2017, as well as a short memoir piece published in the York Literary Review (2016) and non-fiction in the children's literary magazine Cricket. She is querying a novel and writing another. She is writer and former journalist with a background in newspapers and BBC radio (known then as Roz Kay) and lives in Philadelphia, USA. She's English.

How to avoid rejection (some of the time)

By Roz DeKett Note that I haven’t titled this ‘How to have your stories accepted’ – if only I had that formula. However, in the past couple of years (between working on a novel) I’ve written three short stories and … Continue reading

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How to keep readers reading: Kurt Vonnegut

Here’s another great set of writing tips, this time from the incomparable Kurt Vonnegut. Even if you’ve come across these before, they’re worth the read as a refresher. And it has a link at the end to the great video … Continue reading

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From war to poetry: Patrick Howse

Guest post from Patrick Howse Patrick Howse began writing the poems in his collection, Shadow Cast By Mountains, while covering the Iraq War for the BBC. War plays a central part in the book, but he is reluctant to describe himself … Continue reading

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For writers: great tips on submitting

Here’s a link to good piece from an editor on what editors are looking for and why they handle submissions the way they do. I hope you find it useful. Ten Things I Look For When Selecting Submissions: Kara Cochran … Continue reading

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Every novel feels like the first: Hazel Gaynor on writing

Guest post by Hazel Gaynor On writing … and writing, and writing, and writing On April 1st, 2014, my debut novel. The Girl Who Came Home was published. I remember the day so clearly: the sense of excitement, the disbelief … Continue reading

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Focusing on unique perspectives: Gina Mulligan

By Roz DeKett Gina Mulligan’s novel Remember the Ladies is about Amelia Cook, a congressional lobbyist … in 1877. “I was researching for another project when I ran across the fact that there were women who were lobbyists in that … Continue reading

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Something exciting and engaging: Dharma Kelleher

By Roz DeKett A quote from the great American novelist Toni Morrison circulates often on the internet, at least among writers: “If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write … Continue reading

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